At The Tea Factory, we pride ourselves on our passion and dedication to the perfect cup, which begins with the water we use to brew our teas and coffee. Our water system uses reverse osmosis with mineral injection to recreate the freshest, cleanest taste of natural spring water. Without minerals, water tastes bland. To ensure the most authentic experience, tea should always be brewed with natural spring water. We guarantee you’ll taste the difference this water system makes.

Quality teas and brewing

A common mistake tea-drinkers make is pouring boiling water onto their choice tea and letting it steep for too long or not long enough. We understand that each tea has its own unique brew process. We brew each batch with the proper temperature for just the right amount of time. Our customers are guided on the brewing instructions of their favourite blend for optimal enjoyment at home.

We are also focused on being an organic and natural tea company who understands the importance of being sustainable, eco-conscious, and earth friendly wherever possible. Whenever we can, we purchase certified Fair Trade teas to benefit our customers and the producers. Our to-go containers are made from recycled products and are 100% compostable. This ensures you not only feel good about The Tea Factory’s products, but the containers we serve them in.